Our Mission

Surprise our clients with amazing results. Be the best place to work. Be a force for reducing hunger, illness, and illiteracy, improving lives and doing good.

Our Vision

To unite the global workforce in order to maximize value creation and produce family-sustaining wealth everywhere.


Sustainable Virtual Support Inc. is a leader in providing remote staffing and virtual assistant support to companies looking for great employees.  We do that by hiring focused, dedicated and professional employees in every role. Each employee works directly with clients as a member of their team and is an extension of their company.  As such, each employee is the face of SVSI and so conducts themselves as an example of our quality and sincerity.

Message from the Founder

I started SVSI to fulfill three purposes.  1) I wanted to create a business that could help US managers get reliable access to the quality workers I have grown to love over my years working in the Philippines. 2) I wanted to build a company that gives employees the very best work experience and culture, where they feel like family and are proud of their job. 3) I wanted to build a mechanism to do good in the world, including helping the hungry, sick and uneducated, improving the environment and ensuring people recognize the good in their lives.

At SVSI we are mission-driven and have a clear vision for who we are and what we want to become.  We work to help each employee grab onto the vision, be proud of the mission and work hard to help us achieve something amazing. We are nothing without our employees and look to recognize them for all they do to help us achieve our grand ambitions.
If this sounds like the company you want to work with or work for please look around and find out more.  Reach out and let us know how we can help you or how you can help us.  Together let’s do something amazing.